Bettina Drake

Bettina Drake, PhD, MPH

Teaching experience
Dr. Drake has experience in teaching and advising students in epidemiologic research methods. This includes both general research methods courses and topic-based courses such as cancer epidemiology. Dr. Drake designed and co-taught a seminar-based course on Race, Ethnicity and Health: Perspective from the Social and Behavioral Sciences. Additionally, Dr. Drake has a history of mentoring undergraduate and graduate students interested in the application of epidemiologic methods to address health disparities.

Related Research
Dr. Drake’s work focuses on identifying preventive strategies to reduce cancer disparities. Through the use of primary and secondary data analyses, as well as community-based research projects, the objectives of Dr. Drake’s research program are:  1) to identify the modifiable and non-modifiable risk factors for cancer as well as the at-risk groups for these factors; 2) to utilize epidemiologic methods to better understand potential cancer preventive factors or agents; and 3) to develop and evaluate community-based interventions designed to reduce cancer risk behaviors and increase knowledge among at-risk populations.

Dr. Drake's CV

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